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About Destination Chicago

Destination Chicago will focus on a personal approach to meeting the goals and objectives for your next meeting or event. Your personal Program Manager will customize our services from concept inception to execution and feedback. The result is an incredible program tailored to your needs that was implemented perfectly without any unwanted surprises.

Destination Chicago has since developed long and meaningful relationships with a number of satisfied clients including I.A.M.G., Pfizer, Collette Vacations, American Airlines, Novartis, UCB, Fleet Boston, Solomon Smith Barney, Edward Jones, GMAC, JDA Software, American Express, Amgen, Cisco Systems, Honeywell, Wells Fargo Banks, Price Waterhouse and IBM to name a few.

Destination Chicago clients come back year after year because of our experience, knowledge, and most of all, our attitude. Our commitment to our clients is that we will be there 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Don’t  give  us  any  credit  for  how  well  things  are  going  here.  When  it  comes  to receiving  kudos  for  a  job  well  done,  we’d  prefer  you  accept  them.  So  when  your group  raves  about  their  Best of Chicago tour,  you  can  just  humbly  tell  them  you  did  the best  you  could.  When  your  golfers  go  on  about  how  incredible  their  course  was,  just smile  and  say  you  got  lucky.  And  when  your  superiors  shower  you  with  compliments about  how  smooth  the  Chicago  program  went,  say  something  like  “just  doing  my  job.” If  you’re  not  getting  that  kind  of  feedback  from  your  events,  give  us  a  chance  to make  you  look  better.  Every  recommendation  we  make  comes  from  our  Destination Chicago-approved  collection  of  services.  So  no  matter  what  you  choose,  it’s  already been  qualified  as  the  best  the  city  has  to  offer.  And  all  our  vendors  know  that  only the  highest  level  of  service  is  acceptable  on  a  Destination  Chicago  program. We  want  your  Chicago experience  to  be  the  best  ever.  Our  collection  highlights  some of  the  services  you’re  looking  for  on  your  next  trip  to  the  windy city.  Of course,  if  anything’s  missing,  just  let  us  know.  We  have  Destination  Chicago-approved solutions  for  every  assignment.  

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